Metal 3D printer
Machine interface
2020 - ongoing (TENA studio)

Tritone Dominant

Metal 3D printer machine interface

2020 - Ongoing (TENA studio)


Tritone’s Dominant is an industrial additive manufacturing machine that able to print different materials such as steel, titanium, copper, and ceramics. TENA studio were responsible for the machine’s interface from start and still play the major part of designing new features and actions. During my time in TENA I was part of designing multiple features for Tritone’s machines.


    TENA studio was founded by two Industrial Designers integrating two disciplines - Industrial Design & UX/UI. I’ve grown tremendously at TENA. Some key insights of which I have listed below:

    • I have been part of a few design processes that started from non to fully functional systems that are being used by hundreds of users around the world.
    • I had experience working in global teams from different fields to develop a product as a team.
    • I practiced designing new features inside existing systems and developing a new solution to fit within the design system.
    • I have mastered forming complex systems into simple and user-friendly interfaces.
    • I took part in designing for multiple fields such as medical, manufacturing, games, cosmetics, and consumer electronics.

    My role

    As part of the UX/UI Team, I participated in all phases of the project.Research, wireframing, prototyping, detailed UI design, and handover to developers.


    The annotations feature was developed in order to help the operator to communicate with their collegues between shifts. Each print job may take hours, and one print job may include multiple objects. The operators have to communicate within the interface and mark points of interest in specific slices. These might be related to print settings, attention to accuracy of important parts or just logging events related to a specific job.

      Defect detect

      New feature to detect different defects during print. Allows the operator to inspect and act upon different defects, report and mark points of interest for their collegues.

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