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Case study - Social features for Netflix


Netflix’s “Friends” feature

We naturally trust people we know and share a close relationship with. Some of the best content I’ve watched over time was because my friends recommended it to me. These recommendations were great because we are friends and know each other’s tastes.

Sometimes it feels like Netflix suggestions are biased and designed only to promote a new TV show. As a society, we live in an often overly-commercialized world where people can’t trust the media they see. They need a source that isn’t beholden to some commercial agenda, and that doesn’t just keep showing them the same content again and again.

I have decided to do some research into the social aspect of Netflix and how people interact with it in different scenarios, focusing on real-life interactions and how to translate those into Netflix’s interface.

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Synchronization watching times with friends is impossible

Sorting my friends and the TV shows we watch together into circles

Circles allows flexibility

Considering different backgrounds for the same show

Introducing Netflix Circles

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