Daily UI/UX Challenge


Project Scope

A personal challenge of creating 30 UI/UX screens in 30 days as a process to develop my skills.
I gained experience in planning and using UX patterns, designing for different fields while I tried to push my UI skills every day. I developed my knowledge about sizing and spacing, compositions, and industry standards. Most of all, It was fun, and the process let my mind get out of the box.

#1. Login/Sign up form

Warm-up, focus on the UI more than the UX.

#2. Check out session

I though about the process of choosing a payment method while having the option to modify or add a new method without feeling like leaving the payment process. Similar to the same action taken on real stores, with your wallet.

#3. Landing Page

Basic Landing page for an encrypted cloud-based project management platform.

#4. Calculator

A take of for a common calculator design, My scope was to play with depth of field in order to create a hierarchy between the sections.

#5. Profile Page

An app concept for musicians. With the scope on the profile page. I choose to add an upcoming gigs field to connect the fans to the musician schedule. The concept can evolve to include gig recommendations and more focus on the social network part,

#6. Music App

I've been thinking about visualization of the energetic parts of the song, Combined with the time tracking feature.

#7. Movie Page

A movie summary for social sharing, I focused on hierarchy and keeping the most valuable content in scope.

#8. Product Page

Thinking about depth in UI, and about conversion in UX. choosing the right CTA is a challenge. In this case, I wanted it to be as bold as it can without taking the attention of the product.

#9. Chat App

A simple and light chatting app, the focus was on the availability indicator and the separation between individuals, groups, and video conversations.

#10. Sports App

Workout timer, UX focus was on simplicity and minimal screens count. the information should be big and bold to see while working out and the colors must stand out from their physical environment. Swiping interactions are simpler than tapping when thinking about the body state in the middle of a workout.

#11. Notification

Micro app concept for coffee invites. Focus was on simplicity and interference in daily use. how much would the notification bother the user? how much would it take his attention from what he was doing?

#12. Recipt

The focus was on information hierarchy and typography. what should be the first thing the user will look for when he is getting a receipt?

#13. Dashboard

Electrical consumption optimization platform. The user will get insights about different home appliances and the effect of the total energy consumption. for example, The insights may include specific problematic products that might be better to turn on at night for low system load.

#14. Tracker

The focus was on appealing and clean UI while maintaining the simplicity of order and tracking.

#15. Home Monitor

Home monitoring and control app, The focus was on the hierarchy and order of information when thinking about a system running in a complete house with different rooms and features. I wanted to push the simplicity and clarity of features and their actions while navigating between different rooms.

#16. Search

Search flow for a real estate app. My focus was to think about conversion and customized searching session. The filters drawer isn't taking to much space while still having a presence on screen, The whole search flow is separated to buy/rent categories which are likely the top fork. on the "product" page, I chose to add a quick CTA button that will pop after some delay in an effort to keep going forward.

#17. Onboarding

Onboarding flow for the clothing exchange app, The onboarding section is super relevant for this kind of app that can both tell and guide the app idea a usage.

#18. Flight Ticket

Digital flight ticket designed with simplicity in mind while trying to include the joy feeling of a new adventure.

#19. TV App

A movie streaming TV app. I think a lot of the current TV apps have a complex layout for use with a remote. My goal was to stay in a horizontal and vertical grid that will prevent unintentional navigation clicks.

#20. Contact Page

A form design warm-up.

#21. Campaign

My goal for this campaign app concept was to allow both the campaigners and the backers to see the project clearly from the compact view. I thought about the features needed to make a campaign convincing and I choose to start with a video. the next part would be the backing demand in the same thinking as a discount badge. the additional noticeable information should be the number of backers and founding collected until now, as much as for the time frame left. with CTA on the project page, the rest of the fundraising process depends on the project team.

#22. Blog Post

A fresh observation about how blog posts should behave in a big screens environment.

#23. Weather App

Simplifying weather app content with specifications for daily forecast and three days forecast. I find the temp highs and lows are important for full-day planning and most of the time more valuable than the current temperature.

#24. Calendar

Thinking about keeping the important stuff on-screen while letting the elements breathe. I thought about using a timeline feature combined with the full calendar in order to make the daily agenda clearer.

#25. Recipe

A social recipe-sharing app. includes the basic social platform features such as comments, shares, likes, and reviews. I added an "I made it" feature and difficulty scale to help users choose their recipe by their skill set.

#26. Video Player

Video player platform with focus on the Streaming field and moving forward through content.

#27. Pending Invitation

Connection request invitation UI, I thought about work and friend circles to emphasize the relation to the person.

#28. Invite Friends

Invite friends page, focus on the UI and essence of the feeling I want to stimulate while seeing this screen.

#29. Personal Concept - Google Doctor

We all know the situation. something itchy or a little stomach ache and we are rushing into google to try diagnosing ourselves. Unfortunately, most of the time we get dark answers, and death never seems closer. I tried to think as a google designer and I used their design guides. Including the notification look and copy in the last screen.

#30. Thank you post