The Client

CrypTrends is a startup company in the cryptocurrency market. The company provides calculated insights about cryptocurrency prices in real-time. The project includes full branding, designing a web platform including full original UI elements.

The General Problem

The team had to develop a new type of system, they wanted to give the user a lot of insights and still maintain information architecture simple. The main goal was to design a system that would break these insights by their importance.

My Role

Full branding process including Market research, User research, User experience, Logo design, UI design and hand-off to development.

Logo Design

The client wanted a simple logo that will represent the company title and profession. We are talking about times when Cryptocurrency was almost only bitcoin and the public wasn't aware enough for these markets.

I presented three different concepts for the client and the middle one was chosen to proceed with.

After a little more form exploration, we found the perfect fit.


We started to think about graphic language and color scheme that will follow us to the design system for the main platform.

The logo variations allowed the brand to get different titles for specific services in the future.

Building the platform

Next, we started to work on the web interface. The platform was dedicated to follow different trend price changes and to provide insights for the trader's next steps. We wanted to give the user the simplest main interaction possible, with an option to view the full depth on demand.

Crypto for the people

The cryptocurrency field was pretty young and the company main goal was to bring this world to the ordinary people. Those who has no knowledge about the crypto market or even stocks market in general,

Usability concept

We though about a platform that will use the knowledge of highly trained traders while combining it with google trends and twitter data to create a prediction system based on the crowd wisdom. So our user will have the abillity to watch other traders and to get access to their set of choises.

Visualization and Grpahs

For the full specs page, we had to create a design system with UI elements as graphs and insights.

Additional Features

The client asked for a notification-widget behavior and design as part of the platform

Widget Behavior

When thinking about widget and notification behavior we need to list the different scenarios to pop notification and to think about the response to this notification by the user. We wanted the notification will be an important insight with clear conclusions that will lead the user to buy/sell action.

In the end, we had a complete design system to fit all the client endpoints.

Project Conclusions

I gained experience in branding strategy, designing for dedicated users in a fresh field. Designing multi featured platform in agile working method, and working alongside with developer,