The Client, the world's first DLT & FinTech news network streaming around the clock. They feature breaking news, market analysis and event coverage in this dynamic and revolutionary finance and technology marketplace. The Bloxlive team asked for rebranding including logo change and a brand new website

The General Problem

Bloxlive team had struggles with their bounce rate and their user journey course was inconsistent. The branding and visual language didn't represent the company target audience and tone.

My Role

Full re-branding process including Market research, Logo design, UI design and handoff to development.

The previous design

The company's new direction was becoming a fresh, updated and relevant live TV news site in the crypto community. The original design was grey and boring and we thought about adding a strong color and presence.

Problem 1: The Homepage

The main problem with the website was the "Netflix" template it had. what made it almost impossible to recognize that this is a live-updating news site. the counter for the next stream didn't help either by taking so much screen space with no value.

The header Section was dedicated to a timer for the next live session, This is the first thing visitor sees and most of the time it's not relevant.

I've added a new sub header including reachable social links in order to connect the viewers in multiple platforms.

I used the new 24/7 live broadcast the team started and use the header as the main site feature. The live video and the next shows are on the top of the page.

Problem 2: Hierarchy

The three next sections didn't have any hierarchy. The "Netflix" template didn't help to section the different site scopes and there was no place for another type of content.

The amount on information actually made the users confused what the next step should be.

With highlights and featured sections the both the users and the team has ability to consume the dedicated content with easy navigation.

Finally, we applied the same graphic language and hierarchy in the content on the different site pages to create a full experience.

Project Conclusions

I got familiar working with big brands, and taking thousands of users in consideration in any decision I made. I learned a lot about matching company targets with branding strategy while keeping the users in focus. I gained experience in working alongside and handing off designs to developers.