Self-scan ultrasound device
Mobile design
2021 - 2022 (TENA studio)


Mobile design

2021 - 2022 (TENA studio)


Pulsenmore is a world leader in self-scan ultrasound devices for remote clinical diagnosis and screening. The company aimed to revolutionize the home ultrasound experience for pregnant women, improving access and continuity of care. This UI/UX design case study focuses on the design of a mobile app to connect with their physical ultrasound device.

Project goals

The primary objectives of the project were to create a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app that simplifies the scanning process for pregnant women. The goal was to alleviate any discomfort or anxiety associated with self-scanning, while enhancing resource management, productivity, and workflow for healthcare professionals.

Target Audience

The target audience for the app was pregnant women who would utilize the home ultrasound solution throughout their pregnancy. The app aimed to provide a seamless and comforting experience for women in various stages of pregnancy.

My role

As one of two lead designers, I played a crucial role in every stage of the project, from conducting user research and defining design objectives to wireframing, visual concepts, and user testing. I was responsible for ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app that simplifies the scanning process for pregnant women, alleviating any discomfort or anxiety associated with self-scanning.

The home screen featured an endearing illustration of a pregnant woman, whose belly progressively grew over time, symbolizing the journey of pregnancy. This added touch of personalization created a deeper connection with the users, signifying that the app grows along with them throughout their pregnancy.

The design principles focused on creating a warm and living experience, moving away from a cold medical aesthetic. The visual design incorporated round and soft shapes, a soft color palette in pink, purple, and red tones, and a clear and friendly font. Language was adapted to be more user-friendly and empathetic, reflecting the app's goal of providing a comforting environment.

We aimed to create a calm and reassuring experience for users, considering the anxiety associated with self-scanning at home. Through warm visuals, soothing colors, and friendly language, we guided users step-by-step, instilling confidence and relaxation. Our goal was to ensure pregnant women felt supported and at ease while using the app.

The app features a quality bar that ensures accurate scanning by indicating the tightness of the ultrasound device. The bar serves as a visual guide, alerting users if the device is not sufficiently tightened on one side. This intuitive feature helps users achieve optimal scan results, providing reassurance and enhancing the overall scanning experience.

Improved Scan Process: We made key enhancements to ensure a user-friendly and comfortable scan experience. This includes an informative intro screen, clear instructions at the top, a tightness indication bar, optimized video layout, and features like pause and step marking for fatigue prevention.

At the end of the scan, users receive a unique digital polaroid picture of their scan. To ensure that users do not see the scan before it is reviewed by technicians, the polaroid picture starts off blank and gradually improves over time, mirroring the progress made by the technicians. Once the picture is ready, users have the option to share it with their family and friends, creating a memorable keepsake of their ultrasound experience.

The app's user-friendly calendar allows pregnant women to manage their ultrasound scans and appointments effortlessly. Users can view upcoming scans, mark important dates, and access past scan history. The intuitive interface ensures a clear overview of scheduled scans, enabling easy monitoring of healthcare milestones. With the calendar feature, pregnant women can confidently manage their healthcare journey and stay organized throughout their pregnancy.

Results and takeways

The project resulted in significant improvements to the home ultrasound experience for pregnant women. Key outcomes and takeaways include:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The redesigned mobile app successfully transformed the self-scanning process into a user-friendly and intuitive experience. The implementation of warm and inviting visuals, clear instructions, and comforting language created a calming environment for users.
  • Increased User Engagement: The addition of features such as the scan calendar, scan history with snapshots, and the ability to share scan snapshots fostered greater user engagement and interaction with the app. These features added convenience and personalization to the overall experience.
  • Positive Feedback: User feedback and testing assessments indicated high levels of satisfaction among pregnant women and healthcare professionals. The app was praised for its usability, effectiveness in facilitating communication, and its impact on early detection and intervention.