3rd year Studio project | Semester abroad

Ramus Is a pendant lamp designed while thinking about the transition from the ancient and traditional manufacturing process to a modern futuristic one.

The first rule I placed for this project was to respect the lightbulb. I wanted to design a product that uses the form of the lightbulb instead of hiding it.

I gathered a moodboard for my inspiration before I moved to sketch concepts.

I choose to focus on this configuration, the use of two traditional bulbs had a cartoonish essence in my eyes.

I made a second moodboard for form explorations.

I choose to stay with two bulbs, and I found that I was more attracted to non-symmetric flow.

I used 3D printing to create a wood texture on the lamp body. The wood texture roughness and angle are in relation to the position and rotation of the model on the printing bed, and by the layer thickness and other properties in the slicing program.