Jaguar XJ13Z

3rd year Studio project | Semester abroad

A redesign for the classic Jaguar XJ13 made during my semester abroad in IED Barcelona. It was the first time I practiced with car design and it was a very enriching learning experience.

Brand Lines

As part of the research for the new form, I tried to catch the line of Jaguar. Unfortunately, because there has not been a new version for the original car, I had to find the essence of Jaguar's brand in a wider range of forms.


I collected all of my early ideas into a moodboard to help me with the sketching process.

I started by making little modifications over the original car in order to catch the basic characteristic lines for this specific model.

Finalizing the form

After more research, I found the direction of the design I wanted.

I made rough sketches to lay down the foundation of the new form and details.

Then I made a high detailed sketch to illustrate the direction for the modeling process.