RubiQ is an AI-powered allocation solutions company. The company uses a sophisticated counter-intuitive algorithm to help with the registration process for different subjects.

First Logo

The company reached out to me when it was very young and had no logo at all. In the first round, we had to design a quick logo for a major presentation two days ahead. This was the first RubiQ logo.

Fortunately, the presentation went very well and now we had time to think about this concept seriously.

New Logo

We started with the form. The company name was a representation of the Rubik's cube combined with the resemblances of the way the algorithm works. So it was pretty clear we should use a cube in some way or another.

The Concept

RubiQ couldn't really tell me how their algorithm works, but an effort to generate more related form, I asked for some details:

"Imagine a pyramid made of buckets, if you'll start pouring water from the top we all know what happens. Our algorithm fills the pyramid from the bottom."

Weird right? but now we have a picture.

After we framed the picture I was able to create few suggestions for the team to review.

Final Logo

After a few more attempts we finally found it, the logo uses multiple metaphors from the algorithm working method.


The logo configuration allowed the brand to get complementary colors for optional new/specific services in the future.